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Tread workouts- All you need to know
Tread workouts- All you need to know
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Experienced runner? You're going to be obsessed! New to running? We got you.

Tread will attack your body from all angles – taking your aerobic and anaerobic capacity to completely new heights. Tread won’t just make you a better runner. It’ll make you a better athlete.

What is the Assault Runner?

Making new moves in our relationship with Assault Fitness, we’re incredibly proud to announce the world’s first interactive AssaultRunner workouts.

Now, you might be thinking what’s an Assault Runner? Or, what makes these workouts so special? Check out what TeamGB’s best runner (who just happens to be a Fiit trainer), Lina Nielsen has to say here.

How do I purchase an Assault Runner?

Head to our shop to purchase your Assault Runner Pro, we have 3 packages available from £3,499 to £3,799.

Assault Runner Pro spec

  • Weight | 280 lbs / 127 kg

  • Length | 69.8 in / 177.5cm

  • Width | 32.7 in / 83.3 cm

  • Height | 64 in / 162.6 cm

  • No maximum speed

  • Slat belt running surface that last unto 150,000 miles

  • Burn unto 30% more calories than a motorised treadmill

There is no height restriction for the Assault Runner HOWEVER your ceiling height will be a factor. The base height is 50cm at it's tallest point, so ensure this is taken into account when checking your space. Max weight is 350lbs/ 136kg.

What do I need for Tread workouts?

Fiit is integrated with the Assault Runner Pro and Elite, so for the fully interactive and personalized experience, you will need access to either of these — however, you can still take our Tread workouts on any brand of runner, you just won't be able to see live stats, track progress and enter competitions.

It's best to store your Assault Runner indoors to avoid damage from cold, air, and humidity.

We also recommend you take the workouts with Bluetooth headphones for the best experience.

Got more questions? As always our team are here to help. Reach us via website live chat, or email us on [email protected]

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