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Tread workouts- Getting started
Tread workouts- Getting started
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You asked, we listened. We are SO EXCITED to introduce our brand new Tread workouts! These workouts follow the Speed, Metcon and Endure concepts – to train your body’s three energy systems to make you the ultimate well-rounded, functional fitness athlete.

Fiit Tread workouts are fully interactive with the Assault Runner. So when you connect, you get the data from your tread and Fiit Tracker. Effort (Runner cals). Speed. Rep tracking. HR. KCal (your output). Plus, we’re using the same formula and points-based system as the AssaultBike to level up how you track performance and compete.

Don’t have an Assault Runner? No problem. You can do these workouts on a regular treadmill, just without the connectivity.

Check out our series of videos to get you up and running (pun totally intended) in no time.



What do the metrics mean?

What workouts are there?

Speed - Designed to make you more explosive and stronger, Speed workouts are made up of powerful stints on the treadmill – lasting no longer than 30s. You’ll need a long rest after each set. And we give it to you! Usually with light upper body and core work – giving your legs time to recover before we hop back on and do it all over again. Available as 25 and 40 minute workouts. Got a Fiit tracker? Stats tracking for these workouts is only during the finisher section.

Metcon- (short for metabolic conditioning) because of the fatigued metabolites released in this class. If you love a Dumbbell Shred, you’ll fall in lust with Metcon. These workouts are tough. They hurt. And they incinerate calories.

Available as 25 and 40 minute workouts.

Endure -These workouts are just like smoking a brisket low and slow.

These workouts will mostly be 40 mins, there’s little or no rest but the intensity is lower than any other workouts. No sprints. Just constant, low to medium intensity to really help you push your aerobic system. Heads up....there is no stats tracking during our Endure workouts, this is to encourage that steady pace throughout.

Global Competition- Connect to the global Assault Runner community and make your mark on the leaderboard. Each week we release a new global competition workout so you can challenge yourself and the community around the world. You can take competition workouts as many times as you want. Set your PB. Then come back and beat it. Available as 10, 25, 40 and 60 minute workouts and fully tracked throughout.

Tread only - Exactly what it says on the tin. Ditch the dumbbells and your mat for these workouts, you and your treadmill are going to get cosy for 25 to 40 minutes.

Workouts are available for 'All Levels', with the option to take Intermediate and Advanced.

Tread workouts are not currently available on our tv or web apps.

Still have questions? Speak with our superstar team on [email protected]

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