What is the AssaultBike?

The air bike is the most efficient and effective functional fitness equipment in the world. It uses almost every muscle in the body. It’s loved by elite athletes and institutions. And we’ve teamed up with the best in business – Assault Fitness – to bring you the world's first interactive, personalized air bike experience. Find out how this will take your fitness to the next level here.

How do I purchase an AssaultBike?

On 29th November 2021, Fiit will launch the first 100 AssaultBike packages In our shop, to give exclusive early access to these killer workouts. The package costs £899 — worth over £1300 — and includes:

  • AssaultBike Pro (warranty included*)

  • Delivery & installation** (worth £200)

  • Fiit Tracker and mat

  • 12 months Fiit subscription

  • Priority access to Fiit Airbike workouts

  • Exclusive Fiit event

To get your hands on one of these 100 AssaultBike packages, make sure you're on the waiting list to be the first to hear when pre-order opens.

If you're a Fiit member and already have access to an AssaultBike Pro or Elite, contact us, to find out to get early access to these workouts.

What do I need for AssaultBike workouts?

Fiit is integrated with the AssaultBike Pro and Elite, so for the fully interactive and personalized experience, you will need access to either of these bikes — however, you can still take our AssaultBike workouts on any brand of air bike, you just won't be able to see live stats, track progress and enter competitions.

If you have an AssaultBike Classic, you can purchase an AssaultBike Pro Bluetooth console from most Assault stockists for the connected experience.

You'll need 2m x 2m space for a comfortable workout. It's best to store your AssaultBike indoors to avoid damage from cold, air, and humidity.

We also recommend you take the workouts with Bluetooth headphones for the best experience.

When will AssaultBike workouts be available in the app?

The first 100 members to purchase the AssaultBike package will get access to workouts from 3rd January 2022. We will continue to release more packages so keep your eyes on your inbox!

AssaultBike Pro spec

  • Weight | 118.4 lbs / 53.8 kg

  • Length | 49.8 in / 126.6 cm

  • Width | 24.1 in / 61.3 cm

  • Height | 51.1 in / 129.9 cm

  • 11 different height settings and 6 front-to-back settings

  • 36mm diameter handlebar grips for added support

  • 25.25" diameter steel fan

Max height for the AssaultBike is around 6'3'' HOWEVER all bodies are different, so your best bet is to try one out (try your local gym) and see how it feels. Max weight is 300lbs/ 136kg.

I am an existing member and have a Fiit subscription

That's no problem! We'll simply add your free year to the end of your current subscription period.

I already have a Fiit Tracker and mat

Lucky you! The mat can be used as protection under the bike or feel free to share the extra goodies with friends and family.

Can I purchase the Assaultbike at a later date?

Yes, we'll release more AssaultBike packages early in 2022. However this early access launch offer is only available to the first 100 — and once they're gone, they're gone!

Got more questions? As always our team are here to help. Reach us via website live chat, or email us on [email protected]

*2-year warranty on parts, 5 years on the frame

**Delivery & installation arranged at a time to suit you

AssaultBike package is only available to be shipped in mainland UK

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