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Group Classes: Timetable change
Group Classes: Timetable change
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As humans it's estimated we make over 35,000 decisions a day... let us take a few of those off your hands.

We know just how much you love our scheduled group classes, sweating it out and climbing that leaderboard with like-minded people! So we've simplified the timetable and made picking your next class that much easier (you're welcome).

Group classes created by Fiit will be scheduled at peak times only. That's still plenty of opportunities every day to meet and compete alongside your Fiit community with our top-rated classes!

Can't see a time that works for you? No problem, if you are on a paid subscription you can create your own group class at any time, day or night. Simply choose any on demand class in the app and share the link with your friends, family or the Fiit Facebook community. Voila!

How to Create Your Own Group Class

Creating a group class is easy:

  1. Choose any on-demand class in the app

  2. Pick a date and time

  3. Share the link with friends

  4. Go to the 'Classes' tab > View all > Scroll to see your class and friends that have booked in

You can even make this class 'Public' - this means your class will appear in the Fiit 'Public' Schedule and any Fiit member can join! The more the merrier and all that.

Any questions, pop our support team a message at [email protected].

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