We've partnered with our friends at Vitality to give Vitality members discounts on Fiit membership. You'll receive your unique discount code to join Fiit from Vitality — and can crank up your Vitality points every time you complete a workout (longer than 20 minutes) on Fiit. Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do I activate my subscription through Vitality?

Easy peasy....

  • Go to the Vitality app, or login to your account via their website

  • You will find the Fiit offer under 'Move More' in your Get Rewarded section

  • Follow the instructions to sign up and receive your unique code

  • Head to fiit.tv/get-started/vitality, enter your code in the 'Promo code' section and confirm

  • Now you're all set!

I’m trying to join Fiit with my Vitality offer code but it isn’t working

No problem, firstly check you are on the correct link to our specific Vitality/Fiit website (fiit.tv/get-started/vitality). If that all looks good but your unique discount code given to you by Vitality is still not working at the checkout, please contact [email protected] and the team can help you get started. (Please note, the discount is available to new Fiit members only.)

How do I earn Vitality points?

You earn 5 activity points on Vitality for every Fiit workout you complete that is 20 minutes or longer. You can earn 8 Vitality points if you use a supported fitness tracker to track your heart rate. Each workout must be for a continuous 20 minutes to qualify for Vitality points. E.g. you won’t get points for two 15-minute workouts on the same day.

You also need to make sure your Fiit account is linked to Apple Health or Google Fit. And if you haven’t done so already, you’ll also need to make sure your Vitality account is linked to Apple Health or Google Fit.

You can get help with Vitality Points on the Vitality website or contact their support team.

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