Boss Level Challenge

1 set of dumbbells. 90 minutes of gruelling work. Touted the toughest home workout in Fiit history, this one is guaranteed to push all your limits. You ready to boss it? Don't say we didn't warn you...

How to Join Boss Level

Join and rejoin the challenge as many times as you are brave enough to between the 7th of June and the 30th of June. Beat your previous (and other Boss Levellers') scores to climb up the leaderboard. But don't be under any false illusions that each time you take Boss Level it'll become easier. You have been warned!

We recommend a set of medium weights you can comfortably press overhead (4-20kg).

Save the Date – Boss Level will be released in app 07/06/21 and expire on midnight 30/06/21

New to Fiit?

  1. Head to and sign up for your 14 day free trial

  2. Download the Fiit app to your mobile device

  3. Login and head to the Home page

  4. Tap 'Challenges' to find Boss Level

WARNING: Do Not Attempt Alone

Bring your Boss Level besties. Connect your Fiit Tracker, Apple Watch or one of 25 compatible fitness trackers to follow your progress. Turn group classes into training days. Chase your friends up the live leaderboard. Enter challenge mode in Scheduled group classes. Make Game Day essential training. And have fun with Fiit.

Use the Tools, Become the Machine

When it comes to Boss Level, you're not alone. Our training partners are here to help you get through whatever we throw at you.

  • MyProtein – Good nutrition is the key. It helps you recover. It gets you prepped. And it gets you through. Use FIIT37 for 37% off (valid until 30/06/21).

  • Therabody – Train hard, recover harder. And get your body ready for whatever we throw at you. Use FIITBOSS for 20% off (valid from 04/06/21).

  • Eleiko – You can’t do Boss Level if you don’t have dumbbells. Go with the best. Use ELEIKOFIIT15 for 15% off (valid until 30/06/21).

  • NOCCO – Fuel the world’s toughest home workout with everything your body needs.

  • UNITY – Energy Sports Pro is the athlete-backed power blend which will put the ‘Boss’ into your ‘Boss Level’ workout.

Any rules?

You’ll need either a Fiit Tracker, Apple Watch or one of 25 compatible fitness trackers to compete on the live leaderboard and be entered into the prize draws. You can still do the challenge without a tracker but you won't be able to compete or win prizes.

Also, make sure your phone is fully charged and all other apps are closed in the background to ensure you have plenty of juice for the full 90 minutes.

Boss Level: Prep

The best way to prepare for Boss Level is to do the training. Sorry. There’s nothing easy about it. Start the Boss Level: Prep training plan to build strength, capacity and resilience. It’s 3 weeks. 6 bodyweight and dumbbell classes a week. And a Fiit-load of sweat.

Save the Date – Boss Level: Prep will be released in app 17/05/21

How to sign up for Boss Level: Prep

  1. Make sure your Fiit Profile is set to 'Intermediate' or 'Advanced', and your training goal is set to 'Weight Loss'

  2. From the Home screen, tap 'View all' next to Training Plans

  3. Register here for Boss Level: Prep

If you are already signed up to another training plan, you will first need to finish or end this before you can sign up for Boss Level: Prep. To end your current training plan:

  1. Open your Fiit app

  2. Tap 'My current training plan'

  3. Tap 'View all plan'

  4. Scroll to the bottom

  5. Tap 'End training plan'

Need help? Feel free to give us a shout at [email protected] and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

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