My Fitbit will not connect to the Fiit app

Firstly check your watch is compatible. If you have a Fitbit Smartwatch; Versa 2 or 3, Versa, Versa Lite, Ionic or Sense you will be able to connect. Unfortunately, Charge and Inspire are not compatible.

  • Check you have downloaded Fiit to your Fitbit via the Fitbit app and follow the steps to connect your watch. See here for any help on this.
  • Ensure your Fitbit app is running in the background and your watch is synched
  • Ensure the Fiit app is up to date on your mobile device
  • Check Bluetooth is enabled on both your mobile device and watch
  • Check your Fitbit firmware is compatible; Versa 2,3, Versa and Versa Lite screen size 300x300, Ionic screen size 348x250, Sense screen size 336x336.
  • If you have a Versa 2, 3 or Sense model, you will need version iOS 12.2 or higher and Android version 7.0 or higher

If you still experience issues:

  • Kill all apps on your mobile device
  • Open the Fitbit app on mobile phone and wait for watch to sync
  • Open Fiit app on your watch and wait for message 'Open the Fiit app and start a class"
  • Open Fiit app on mobile phone, pick a class, start a class
  • Connect device and wait for HR to display on both the watch and the phone
  • Enjoy your workout!

Can I connect another HR tracker as well as Fitbit to Fiit?

You can only connect one device at a time to the Fiit app. If you wish to switch between please see the information here.

If you need any further assistance please contact [email protected].

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