As a Sky VIP member, you get 30 days unlimited access to over 600 workouts and 20 training plans on Fiit. Just head to your Sky VIP app and follow the steps below to get your Fiit promo code:

Sky VIP homepage > Exclusive Content > FiiT page > enter your name and email address > Confirmation page with promo code. This promo code will also be emailed to you.

To activate your free month with us, head to and enter the promo code here alongside your email address. You now have started your 30 day free membership with Fiit on the mobile app! 🎉

Now that your complimentary month has been set up, all you need to do is download the Fiit app to your phone or tablet and enter the email you used to get your promo code. You will be prompted to set up a password and then you’re good to go!

Please note: You don’t need to enter any card details as you sign up for the trial. After your 30 days has ended you will be sent an email to remind you that your trial is coming to an end. You will not automatically roll on to a paid subscription!

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