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I’m trying to join a group class but the link isn’t working
I’m trying to join a group class but the link isn’t working
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Trying to get started with a scheduled group class, but your link isn't working? Please try following the steps below:

  1. Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and that you’re on a mobile device that has Fiit downloaded

  2. If you see the message 'Not got the Fiit app?' or 'Content only available in-app' — tap the 3 dots in the top right of the screen and select 'Open in Safari / browser'

  3. If this doesn’t work, copy the link into Safari/ browser, or pull down the screen and you should see an option to Open Fiit’

On Android?

Here are two potential ways to find the system Fiit app external settings, which depend on the Android version and brand. Hopefully one of them will be similar for you...

Part 1:

  • Check if quick app settings are available. Instead of clicking on the Fiit app icon, "Long press and hold" and see if a menu comes up with "App info" > "Advanced" > "Open by default" >> Go to part 2 below.

  • If the long press doesn't offer the above option, try: Open settings and search for "Fiit" >> Go to part 2 below.

  • If search isn't available here are the slightly longer steps: On your phone open "Settings" app > "Apps and notifications" > "Advanced" > Default apps" > "Opening links" > Search "Fiit" in the list >> Go to part 2 below.

Part 2:

  • See the Fiit app external settings: Look for "Opening links" / "Open supported links". Change the option to "Open in this app" or "Ask" options and ensure you are enabling the links to open in the Fiit app.

Please contact us if you’re still having issues.

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