What is the challenge?

We challenge you to 30 classes every month throughout July, August and September.

What classes you take and when you take them is up to you.

This is not a daily streak challenge, you can take any number of classes in one day. This means you could start after 1st July and still complete the challenge in July.

It's your goal, your rules. You could do a training plan, take Fiit Club classes and mix it up with 10-minute workouts — anything goes.

If you have a Fiit device or another compatible tracker, make sure you wear it in every class (even Rebalance) to be entered into the prize draws and earn £10 credit for the Fiit Shop every month!

How do the prizes work?

To be entered into the prize draws and earn £10 credit for the Fiit Shop every month, you’ll need to wear your Fiit device or connect to classes with a compatible tracker — that includes Rebalance classes!

Earning credit for Fiit Shop

Complete 1 month — £10 (connected) or £5 (unconnected)

Complete 2 months — £20 (connected) or £10 (unconnected)

Complete 3 months — £30 credit (connected) or £15 (unconnected)

You’ll receive your credit for the Fiit Shop once the 3-month challenge is over (after 30th September). This gives you time to earn maximum credit over the 3 months!

Prize draws

July — complete 30 classes — prize draw for Myo Master Lite (£150)

August — complete 30 classes — prize draw for Myzone device (£150)

September — complete 30 classes — prize draw for WIT voucher

You MUST take classes connected with a fitness tracker to track your stats in Fiit to be entered into the prize draws. We’ll notify the winner of each prize draw at the end of each month.

Ski retreat in Chamonix

Complete all three months (min. 30 classes per month) to be entered into the prize draws and a Ski Retreat in Chamonix! The ski retreat in Chamonix is hosted by our friends at Our Retreat. It includes your accommodation and activities. Flights are not included.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the challenge go to http://fiit.tv/campaigns/summer-burn. If you’ve already started the challenge but forgot to sign up, no problem! You can register at any point during the challenge and any classes you’ve taken before will count.

We also sent an email out on 26th June with a link to subscribe. You'll receive an email confirmation once you're signed up for the challenge.

Do I need to take classes every day?

No, you can take them when you like! You just need to complete 30 each month.

What do I do if I’m on a plan?

That’s fine, each and every class you complete will contribute. You can take other classes whilst on a training plan

What classes count?

Take on classes from any studio, any length — 10, 25, 40mins. The choice is yours. We do recommend mixing up your training and it’s a great opportunity to try new things like breathwork, strength training or Pilates!

Do the benchmark classes count?

Yes they do.

How do I know when I’ve completed the challenge each month?

We’ll email you so make sure you’re opted in marketing communication by heading into preferences in Profile > Settings.

What do I do if I don’t have a fitness tracker?

That’s fine, you can still take part and earn up to £15 shop credit (£5 for each month you complete) but you won’t be in with a chance of winning the main prizes! To be part of the prize draws you can connect via these fitness trackers.

What can I spend the credit on in the Fiit Shop?

Choose from the Wahoo Tickr X, Fiit device lite and accessories like Fiit mats and the HDMI/ Lightning cables. You can use your voucher on whatever you like!

Note: If the item is less than the value of your voucher, it cannot be carried over onto another product.

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