Want to work out with your friends who don't have a membership? It's easy. Just mirror your phone to your laptop and host a Zoom party. (Zoom is an online meeting platform that enables you to connect via video call with friends around the world.)

First, connect your iPhone to MacBook

Either connect wirelessly using the Easycast app or connect with a USB lightning cable to mirror your phone on Quicktime player:

  • Plug iPhone into a MacBook using the Lighting to USB cable (the latest MacBooks will require an adaptor)
  • Once connected open Quicktime player
  • Select New movie recording
  • Tap the arrow next to the red record button
  • Select camera to be your iPhone (screenshots and troubleshooting here)
  • Note: If the screen is black during a class then go to ‘Profile’ in your app > Settings > Apps & Services > Toggle on TV output.

Or connect your Android phone to laptop

Mirror your screen either with a cable or using the Reflector app (it's free for the first 7 days).

Then schedule a Zoom party (these are called "Meetings" in Zoom)

It's free to host a 40-minute meeting with up to 100 people (plenty of time for a 25-minute team sweatfest!) You'll need to create a Zoom account to schedule a call and host a party, however your friends don't need an account to join the video call.

Once the "meeting" has started. Just share your screen (here's how) for your friends to see the class and workout together!

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