Teachers, NHS employees... we got you!

From doctors, nurses and cleaners to administrators and teaching assistants, we want to thank every one of you for working hard in such challenging times.

We are offering three months free membership to show our thanks and support those who have been a shining light throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you need to go hard and fast in a brutal HIIT class or find calm in the Rebalance studio, we’ve got your back. As you have ours.

How to Get Your 3 Months Free

  1. To redeem this new member only offer*, please go to either getfiit.tv/nhs if you are an NHS employee, or getfiit.tv/teachers as a teacher/school worker, and fill out the short form

  2. You will need to enter your work address for verification, plus a personal email address for the membership to be created

  3. Your membership will be activated by us within 24 hours and you'll receive an email once it's live. Please also check your junk mail for the confirmation email.

How to Get Started with Fiit

  1. Download the app onto your phone from either the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android)

  2. Login using the email address linked to your subscription and request a one time login link

  3. Once you're in the app, you can update your password for easy login

To change your password on iOS please go to Profile > Settings cog in top right hand corner > Profile > Scroll down to 'Change password'.

To change your password on Android, please follow these steps:

  1. From the app request a one time login link

  2. That link will be sent to your email address

  3. Open the link via a desktop or laptop (not your phone)

  4. This will then allow you to update your password.

If you have any issues logging into the app please contact [email protected].

A Note on Music

We are unable to offer non-royalty free music on free memberships, but our DJs curate tracks for each class, with beats to keep you moving from start to finish!

*A new member – a person without an existing subscription, and/or not currently signed up to a free trial period.

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