What is the TUF Challenge?
TUF (The Ultimate Fiit) Challenge is an 8 week challenge designed to take your training to the next level, whatever your starting point. We've deconstructed the science of habit formation to help you build a solid fitness routine and re-think what your body is really capable of. 

Each week, we’ll give you a new micro-challenge in partnership with the likes of ASOS, MoveGB, Mindful Chef and more. For every challenge you complete, you’ll receive a voucher from one of our partners and be entered into a prize draw to win an epic prize. 

Each challenge serves a habit-building purpose, and comes with habit-related videos, articles, tips and fitness/nutritional advice from our team/partners. This is your toolkit.

The weekly challenge will be announced via email, facebook and instagram every Monday at 8am.

  • You need a Premium subscription and a Fiit device or compatible fitness tracker to participate. The TUF Challenge can be done alongside other classes/plans.

How do I join?
You need to register for the TUF Challenge here — if you don’t register we won’t know to send you discounts and enter you into prize draws, even if you complete the challenges. 

When does the challenge start and end?
TUF Challenge starts on 13th April and ends on 7th June. You can join the challenge anytime, but you’ll need to complete all 8 challenges to be entered into the prize draw retreat. 

Do I need a fitness tracker?
Yes, you’ll need a fitness tracker to participate. Either the Fiit device, an Apple Watch or one of 25 compatible fitness trackers

What can I win?
We’ll be announcing the weekly prizes each week of the challenge. Plus, every #TUFChallenger who completes every challenge will earn themselves a trophy in app and be entered into a prize draw to win a retreat in Ibiza with Rebalance legend, Richie Norton. 

Winners will be announced via Instagram and the TUF Challengers Facebook group. 

See full terms and conditions

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