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How do I share my profile?
How do I share my profile?
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We know the power of community when it comes to fitness. Connecting with others keeps us accountable and makes working out WAY more fun. 

Share your Fiit profile so that other members can see your all time stats, number of classes taken per studio, number of classes taken each week, and your longest and current streak.

How do I share my profile?

  1. Open your Fiit app

  2. Go to the Profile tab

  3. Share Profile

  4. Choose where you want to share your profile link.

You can also follow friends, see their all time stats and celebrate their progress. Get notifications when they start a plan and when they’ve booked into a Scheduled group class — so you can meet them for a bit of competition on the leaderboard!

To turn on your friends’ updates go to Profile > Settings > Notification preferences > Social activity.

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