Yes we do! You can now buy Fiit for friends and family.

Just select either a monthly (£20), quarterly (£45) or yearly (£120) gift card via

Your friend will receive an email from us with a code to redeem their gift or, if you’d prefer to deliver it yourself, we can send the email to you.

You can purchase a Fiit device or additional accessories directly from our in-app shop.

How do I redeem my gifted subscription?

If you've received a gift card, please note you can only redeem it via (not in the App Store).

Once on the website:

  • Select the subscription option you require

  • Add the gift card code at checkout

  • Enter card details (as it is an auto renew subscription, card details are required to complete the sign up process)

  • Download the app to your mobile device and start taking classes!

Any questions, just get in touch

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