When you join Fiit via Hussle, you get 25% off any membership for as long as you remain a Fiit member. So, if you select yearly membership, you pay £90 (instead of £120) and then £90 again on your next renewal date, one year later. 

If I cancel my Fiit membership and rejoin, will I get the discount again?
Yes, as long as you join via the original offer link (on the Hussle website or email communication). This will give you 25% discount any membership.   

Is there an end date to the discount or is it ‘for life’?
The discount is valid for the length of your Fiit membership.

Tell me more about Hussle
Hussle is a new hassle-free way to access to almost 3,000 gyms, health clubs and spas around the UK, at a fraction of the cost. No sign up fees, no inductions and no contracts. Just enter your post code on their website to find the nearest gym to you. 

Hussle customers get 25% off Fiit membership, and Fiit members can get 25% off monthly membership to Hussle. If you're a Fiit member and don't have a promo code for Hussle, please contact [email protected] 

Hussle are also giving all Fiit members a day pass to some of the best gyms around the country — totally free. 

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