Is one device more accurate than the other?

  • Chest straps are considered to be more effective according to the research. Mainly due to the fact that they’re worn closer to your heart and have multiple touchpoints on the skin. 

Does the device I use makes a difference in Fiit Points scored Fiit Club classes?

  • Following rigorous testing, we have found both devices to be identical in awarding points. Any differences in classes have been single-digit variances — which means there will be no disparity with Fiit Points between either of the devices (assuming both are worn correctly throughout the class). Any differences will result from either device not getting an accurate reading due to a particular movement, not as a result of the device. 

  • This means that there is no advantage of using one device over the other in any class. 

How will it impact the number of calories burned? 

  • Each device calculates calories burned slightly differently, so even though the recorded heart rate and Fiit Points are identical, there will be a minor disparity with recorded calories burned. 

  • If you are using the Apple Watch, the calories recorded in the app will be the same as shown on the Apple Watch. 

The Fiit device is only available in the UK & Ireland.

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