Fiit Club classes are cardio-based classes, designed to challenge you and push you to your limits. You don't require any equipment (although we may add weights in the future). 

There are always two trainers in a class — so you can choose to follow beginner / intermediate moves or more advanced exercises. The classes are suitable for all levels. Work to your max effort to climb up the leaderboard but don’t sacrifice form.

It doesn't matter where you finish on the leaderboard. What's important is that you focus on improving your position on the leaderboard with every class. 

Classes are scheduled daily — so choose a time that suits you. Invite your friends and battle it out on the leaderboard! 


Go hard from the start. Power through a circuit of explosive moves, then build speed and strength with nonstop combos. Level up with intense intervals in the finisher. It’s a beast.


From start to finish, we take you up, down and around with fat-blitzing circuit supersets. Drive your heart rate high and drop your body low to push yourself to your limits. It’s gonna get sweaty.


Think you know HIIT? Go beyond your comfort zone as we challenge you  to 4 circuits of different training styles. It’s time to mix it up. Expect the unexpected. 


Build speed and strength as you take on the three peaks. Prepare yourself with the first pyramid, switch to muscle mode in the second, then sprint up the final summit. You have the power. 


There’s no rest for the wicked. Can you take on 25 minutes of back-to-back moves without stopping? Build stamina. Amp up endurance. Show us what you’re made of. 

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