Where to buy the equipment?

If you don’t have your own equipment you can order kettlebells and dumbbells from our equipment partner Origin: https://originfitness.com/fiit-tv. Use the discount code FIITSHIP to get free shipping!

*If you have ordered weights from Origin and have an enquiry about your order please contact them directly. Call 0333 2000 750 or email [email protected]

Which package should I pick?

There are four packages available to choose from:

Basic Package: includes 2 pairs of dumbbells to use in the Cardio and Strength Dumbbells classes. Choose one light (1-3kg) and one medium pair (4-10kg) to allow some room for progression.

Starter Package: choose two pairs of dumbbells: one light (1-3kg) and one medium pair (4-10kg), and one kettlebell. Everything you need for our Cardio and Strength Dumbbells and Kettlebell classes! 

Dumbbell Package: includes four pairs of dumbbells - we recommend one light pair (1-3kg) and three medium to heavy pairs (4-10kg). The perfect kit if you want to progress through dumbbell class levels. Move from lighter to heavier weights as you build strength.

The Works: choose four pairs of dumbbells: two light (1-and two medium to heavy (4-10kg), and two kettlebells. The ultimate kit to work your way through our dumbbells and kettlebell classes. If you’re serious about progression, this one's for you. 

If you’ve never lifted before, pop into your local gym or sports shop and test some out. Move from lighter to heavier weights as you build strength.

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