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What are the benefits of weight training?
What are the benefits of weight training?
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What are the benefits of weight training?

Weight training helps you tone up and build muscle, and is widely recognised as one of the most efficient training methods for burning fat. 

But lifting does so much more for your body and mind than it does for your appearance. 

From reversing the ageing process and reducing depressive symptoms to increasing resting metabolic rate (RMR) and reducing the risk of heart disease, lifting has a greater effect on your athletic performance than any other dynamic exercise - including running, walking or cycling.

What weights do I need for Fiit? 

We have a range cardio and strength classes that use kettlebells and dumbbells. 

As a guideline, for women, we recommend that you use 4-12kg dumbbells and a 6-16kg kettlebell. For men, we recommend that you use 6-16kg dumbbells and a 8-20kg kettlebell.

How to find weight training classes?

You can now filter classes by equipment. Just go to Browse and select which type of equipment you want to use. 

The equipment you will need to use in the workout will be stated in the class title e.g. Cardio Kettlebell #3, Courtney & Steph. The class descriptions will tell you what category of weight you need e.g. light dumbbells.

Need weights? We got you. Head to our shop and check out our range.

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