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What is Breathwork?
What is Breathwork?
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Breathwork is being tipped as the new revolution in health and wellness. Oxygen is the body’s number one fuel source, and increasing oxygen levels with specific breathing techniques brings a whole host of benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. Your breath is the secret weapon you never knew you had. 

Our Breathwork classes are led by world-renowned teacher — Richie Bostock, and Fiit is the only app in the world where you can take Breathwork classes whenever you want, wherever you are. 

What is the breathwork plan?

Breathe is a six week training plan to help you transform your physical and mental health with the power of your breath. Learn to master your breath to increase your training capacity and fast track your way to zen. 

  • 2-3 classes a week for 6 weeks

  • Reduce stress and think more clearly

  • Improve energy levels and physical performance

  • Assessment classes to track your progress

  • Unlock classes every 7 days

  • Only on Premium

How do I know if breathwork is right for me?

Breathwork is for everyone. From elite athletes to those looking to de-stress, think more clearly and be more creative.  

However, we do recommend that you consult with your doctor if you suffer from epilepsy, asthma, obesity, heart problems, psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression or are pregnant, to ensure this deep breathing technique is suitable for you. Please make sure you have watched the Breathwork Introduction and Breathwork Safety videos before taking one of these classes.

You can read more about breathwork on our blog here.

What should I expect?

Breathwork will be different to anything you have experienced before. Make sure you have  a comfortable place to lie down and you may want to blanket to stay warm. During a class you may feel tingles in your arms and hands, or sensations in your body. This is totally normal. 

On a physical level, you’ll improve your lung capacity and oxygen efficiency, which will improve your physical performance. These breathing techniques retrain your nervous system so your body will respond differently in stressful situations. Breathwork is also reported to improve digestion and sleep.

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