Mirror your iPhone or Android device to your laptop using VYSOR

  1. Download VYSOR to your laptop (available on both Windows and Mac)

  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the laptop bluetooth

  3. Use a USB cable connect phone and laptop

  4. Verify phone screen is visible on your laptop

  5. Open the Fiit app, select a class, connect your tracker and 'START CLASS'

  6. Both the phone screen and laptop will display the class

  7. Enjoy your workout!

I can't see the class on my laptop

If you are unable to see the class or have a black screen, head into your Fiit app > settings> apps and services> and toggle on TV Ouput settings.

Note; This is for iOS devices only.

I am getting an error message

If you have not seen the 'Trust/Don't Trust computer' pop up, and subsequently receive an error message, we suggest trying an alternative cable. You may also need to restart both phone and laptop and re try the connection.

If you do not have access to an alternative cable, please try reseting your privacy. Settings-> General -> Reset -> Reset Location and Privacy

I am need some help

Reach out to our support team who can guide you, [email protected]

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