PB is short for "personal best" and measures your top performance for a specific exercise, class or studio.  Wear the Fiit device to track your stats during a workout.

In Strength classes, your personal best is for the most repetitions completed during a specific exercise (e.g. the most press ups you have completed in 40 seconds).  The Fiit device will also track your total reps per class, so you can challenge yourself to beat your total every time you take a class. (The Fiit device Lite and heart rate only trackers do not count reps). 

In Cardio classes, your personal best is shown in Fiit Points. Score points by keeping your heart rate in the target zone — the higher up the zone you are, the more points you score. 

Your performance in Rebalance classes is best assessed by how you feel. Therefore, although you will see your heart rate on screen, we do not use this to calculate your PB. 

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