14 Days of Fiit is a 2 week program designed by experts to help you build strength, agility and endurance. It'll help set you up with healthy fitness habits you can build on. 


  • Top rated 25 minute workouts across all 3 studios — Cardio, Strength & Rebalance
  • 3 classes a week (Entry Level and Beginners) or 4 classes a week (Intermediate and Advanced) — if you want to take more classes outside of the plan, go ahead!

How it works

  • 14 Days of Fiit is the only plan available to both Premium and free users
  • You have 7 days to complete classes in week 1 and unlock week 2
  • Take classes in any order you want - you'll see them on the home screen or go to Browse > Training Plans > 14 Days of Fiit
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