Fiit Plans are only available with Fiit Premium membership.

If you have Premium membership and joined via, you'll receive one free month after completing a plan. To complete a plan you must do all 24 recommended classes in 6 weeks. 

Unfortunately we're unable to give membership credit to members with an Apple subscription. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

How do the plans work?
Every plan consists of 4 classes a week for 6 weeks. The intensity of classes will increase over the course of the plan to ensure you progress steadily and safely. Every plan includes a wide variety of class styles, exercises and trainers — so you never get bored!

You can start a plan whenever you want. Complete all 4 classes each week to unlock to classes for the following week. 

If you want to change the difficulty level, you will need to change your fitness level in MyFiit and start the plan again from the beginning. 

For an added incentive, beyond smashing your goal after 6 weeks, if you joined Fiit via the website and completed your plan, you’ll get a free month. Unfortunately, we’re unable to give you a free month if you have a subscription via Apple as we do not hold your payment details. 

Note, you can only earn one free month a year by completing plans. 

How do I know what plan to choose?
We have 4 fitness plans to choose based on your goal:

Goal                                    Plan

Lose weight                       Total Burn

Get stronger                       Real Strength

Be more flexible                 Movement Master

Improve overall fitness       Super Fiit

Plans are further personalised by your fitness level so you do the most effective classes for where you are on your fitness journey. If you don’t see a plan that matches your fitness goal please contact [email protected].

More information go to

How many times a week do I need to work out?
For all Fiit Plans you must take 4 classes a week for 6 weeks. Classes are 25 and 40 minutes. If you want to do more than 4 classes a week — go for it! 

We also recommend active recovery sessions to stretch and improve mobility — so we encourage you to take additional classes from our Rebalance studio.

Can I see all the classes in each plan before I start?
You can see the 4 classes for week 1 of the plan before you start. After that, you have to complete the 4 classes for each week in order to unlock the 4 classes for the following week. 

Can I do another class if I don’t want to do the recommended class in the plan?
You can take as many classes as you want, whenever you like — but in order to complete a plan you must do the recommended classes for that plan. 

Can I change my plan once I’ve started it?
You can stop and start a plan whenever you like, however to be eligible for the free month you must do the 4 recommended classes each week for 6 weeks on the same plan. 

How do I get the free month?
Only members who joined via the website can get a free month by completing a plan. If you have a subscription via Apple, we cannot give you a free month as we do not hold your payment details. If you don’t know whether you joined via our website please contact [email protected].

The free month will be applied to your membership on your next renewal date. 

Will I get another free month if I do another Fiit Plan?
You can only earn one free month every 12 months by completing a Fiit Plan. However, you can continue to earn free months by inviting friends to Fiit. Get £20 for every friend that joins and stays with us for longer than 30 days. 

Is nutritional advice included?
Yes, we’ve partnered with top nutritionist Jenna Hope and BBC Good Food. For every week of your plan you’ll receive a nutrition advice and suggested recipes tailored to your Fiit Plan - included as part of the plan. 

Is there an online community?
Yes! Please join the Fiit Challengers group on Facebook. This is a great way to stay motivated and share your questions and success stories with other Fiit members. Fiit is better together! 

Do I need any equipment?
All you need is your Fiit device and a mat to work out on. You don’t need any weights as all classes involve bodyweight training. It’s also a good idea to have sweat towel and bottle of water handy, as it’s going to get sweaty!  

How do I change the difficulty level of plan?
Easy — just go to MyFiit and change your current fitness level. However if you do change your fitness level it will automatically end the plan that you’re on, and you’ll start the plan again at the new level. 

I missed a week. What happens now?
The plans are designed so that you progress steadily and safely so, if you miss a week, you’ll need to cancel the plan and start again. 

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