14 Days of Fiit is a 2 week program designed by experts to help you build strength, agility and endurance. It'll help set you up with healthy fitness habits you can build on. 


  • Top rated 25 minute workouts across all 3 studios — Cardio, Strength & Rebalance
  • 3 classes a week (Entry Level and Beginners) or 4 classes a week (Intermediate and Advanced) — if you want to take more classes outside of the plan, go ahead!

How it works

  • 14 Days of Fiit is the only plan available to both Premium and free users
  • The plan launches on 4th March 2019 but you can start anytime 
  • You have 7 days to complete classes in week 1 and unlock week 2
  • Take classes in any order you want - you'll see them on the home screen or go to Browse > Training Plans > 14 Days of Fiit

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If you join 14 Days of Fiit between 4th and 17th March 2019 and complete all classes within the 2 week period, you earn a free month on Fiit Premium, as part of the 14 Days of Fiit launch offer. If you're an existing Premium member, this is applied automatically to your account (please note you can only earn one free month for completing a plan every 12 months. See full terms and conditions here.) If you're on the free version of Fiit, you'll receive a promo code by email to redeem one free month on either our Quarterly and Yearly membership options. 

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